The Importance of Website and Graphic Design

OCTOBER 23, 2019

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A website is the online face of a company or business. As such, you want your website to present your business as professional, well managed, and trustworthy. In order to accomplish this result, many things must be taken into consideration. Even if you manage to create a well-polished website with a responsive design, you still have to worry about SEO and the visibility of your website to worry about.Erf Tech LLC Website However, when done correctly, a website can be very powerful in reaching many new untapped target markets. It can also draw in more customers from your current target market. More customers means more revenue and better brand awareness. So, without further ado here are the main things to consider:

1. Adaptability and Navigation

A website needs to be able to adapt and change based on the device used to access it. For example, a website that fits a computer screen perfectly but doesn’t resize for a smartphone not only looks unprofessional, but significantly increases how hard it is to navigate around the website. This can cause client frustration that is then associated with your brand and business. In order to keep experiences with your website positive, it should not only be adaptable, but easy to navigate as well. Most people want the information they are looking for to be readily accessible fast and easily, so it is important to have a simplistic and user-friendly navigation. Because of these helpful adaptations, the user will feel happy and comfortable with the platform, and those feelings will transfer over to new business with that customer.

2. Consistency

Consistency throughout a website is important because it is not only is visually appealing, but creates a sense of comfortability with the user. It is important for a potential customer to be comfortable with your website because it means that they will stay engaged longer which builds better brand awareness. It also means that they don’t feel daunted to revisit your website and the more interaction a user has, the more likely they are to become a customer.

3. Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance or upkeep is crucial because it develops trust and shows that you, the business, care about your appearance. An out of date website not only looks ugly which in and of itself can cause a negative reaction, but it also can drive many prospect clients away. An out of date business page can cause the user to feel that that company doesn’t care or exist anymore. However, an up to date website automatically develops trust between the user and the business because it shows that the business cares about its clients enough to put in time and effort into making their website as useful and current as possible. Up to date website are also just inherently more engaging because they have more relevant information on them.

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4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is essentially the visibility of a website. For example, a website with bad SEO will probably appear on the third page of a Google search, buried underneath a ton of other websites. There are a few things one can do to improve their websites SEO. The first way is to flat out pay the search engine, in this case Google. However, another better way to improve SEO is much more subtle, and it involves using specific targeted keywords when creating the website. Most search engines have specific algorithms that are affected by many factors, and those algorithms favor the cleaner, up to date, and most relevant code.

5. Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

The Call-To-Action Button, or CTA button, is the place a user clicks to move forward in the site. The CTA button can be the place where a person donates money, signs up as a client, buys something, etc... It is essentially the button that the prospect customer clicks when they want your services. It is a great thing to include in a website because it doesn’t just make the next step easy for the customer, but it also is straight-forward and helps guide them to understand what you offer. A CTA button needs to be well designed. You want it to stand out so that the user's eyes go directly to it. If done successfully, then they instantly know what you offer and where to go when they are ready to take that next step.

6. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a crucial tool that helps enhance how you communicate with your target market. It doesn’t only convey your ideas effectively; it also offers the visual appeal as well. Graphic design can set your business apart from the competition through great designs that subconsciously cause your target market to lean towards your business over others. People like things that look good, and therefore an ad for your business that looks visually appealing makes your business look appealing. Also, chances are that most of your competitors are already using graphic design as a marketing tool, and if they aren’t, you will instantly set your brand and business apart. Graphic Design also raises brand awareness. The more opportunities that people have to come in contact with your business, the more likely they are to remember your business. When a customer remembers your business, they will most likely turn to you when a problem arises that your company can fix.

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7. Professionals

All of these tools and practices are essential to remember when building your digital persona. However, since it is a lot to remember, and oftentimes very confusing, it can be quite daunting to take it on by yourself. To ensure that all these things are properly established, you can hire professionals such as Erf Tech to help carry this load. An advantage of hiring professionals is that they won’t only save you a ton of time and effort, but they also know which designs work best, how to implement the specific code that will increase SEO, and many other tips putting your business’s best foot forward. So, if you are just starting to build your online brand or need some extra help, I would highly consider hiring Erf Tech to aid in all your website design and graphic design needs.

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