Why Full-Service Marketing is Important

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

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What is Full-Service Marketing?

Full-service marketing, by definition, is marketing that handles all aspects of the advertising and marketing process for a business. A few examples of what a full-service marketing company offers are flyers, business cards, promotions, and logo design and branding. Since they offer a wide array of marketing services, they can put together a specific marketing package for a company’s specific needs at a reasonable cost. Another positive feature of full-service marketing is that it is generally cheaper than in-house marketing or funding a whole marketing branch. It is also a great option to consider for medium and small businesses, since many don’t have the means to fund a full marketing branch. A marketing company offers a decent price for essentially the same services, making it a smart way to get around that issue.


Full-service marketing offers numerous benefits a business should consider. First and foremost, they keep up-to-date with all the new marketing strategies and techniques. From a business standpoint, this means that you will get the most relevant analytics and achieve higher SEO rankings. Another benefit of full-service marketing is that it provides quantitative results. A business can measure how much traffic comes to their websites and how many additional clients they receive. The marketing company can take this data and adapt their marketing strategies to maximize these outcomes. The next benefit of hiring a full-service marketing firm may seem obvious at first but has additional unexpected rewards. At the surface hiring a marketing firm takes the burden of marketing off a business; however, this leaves more time for that business to focus on developing and improving its product or service. So, by hiring a marketing firm, it allows a business to improve its product and increase their sales.

Importance of Brands

Brands are an essential part of a full-service marketing company and are very important for a business to succeed. First, a brand sets apart your company from the competition. Nowadays, everyone is looking for the “good guys” and “bad guys” and developing a brand that can sway your target market to view your company as the “good guys” can lead to numerous beneficial results. Currently, the environment is a hot button issue that many people care about. When a company takes public action to help the environment, people take notice and that company is instantly viewed as decent in the public eye. This could be the deciding factor in a prospective client when they are deciding which business to hire or purchase from. Engaging in public acts also provides free representation and marketing. For example, Elon Musk donated money to plant 1,000,000 trees. The public took notice and at the surface level, it seems he is just a good guy. However, all the public attention is promoting his brand while simultaneously improving his brand image. Investing in your brand equity is like investing in your customers.
The downside if a brand doesn’t focus on its image, or if it just leaves its brand equity alone, is that people may assume what a company’s ethics and views are. This can be devastating to a business if they are assumed as corrupt, and willing to do anything to make a profit. Once this stigma has been created, it will take many more “self-less” acts to get back in the good graces of the public than if a company just spent some money on brand equity in the first place.

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Logos & Branding

Luckily, brand creation and marketing are part of what a full-service marketing firm such as Erf Tech can offer. The first step to developing a successful brand is having an eye-catching logo. Once the logo is established, people can relate their emotions and feelings about your business to that logo. Then it is important to focus on brand equity at some level to get ahead of your competition and keep your company in the good graces of the public.
A well-designed logo is also important because it can generate public interest. Interest leads to research which will hopefully lead them to your business’s website. From there you have a prospective client interested in your service or product. All that is left now is to sell them on said product. This is where the website development kicks in. If a website is easy to use and provides the consumer with the information they want relatively easily, then the higher chances they will stay on your web page and the chances that they will purchase your product increase. However, it all stems from an eye-catching, intriguing logo.

How it All Connects

Full-service marketing firms like Erf Tech have a well-developed team that specializes in online marketing, website development, and logo and brand creation. Erf Tech can design and create logos that attract attention and instill interest in a consumer. Then they will help you create your brand equity in a way that matches your target market’s views. This will convince the consumer that your company is the best one to purchase from and will ultimately provide your business with the sale. All of these fall under full-service marketing and companies like Erf Tech are here to help ensure that your business becomes a success by providing these marketing services.

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